4 Key Aspects You Should Consider During a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are undoubtedly the heart of every home. Though it’s easy to think of your kitchen as merely the place where you prepare and eat food, they play a more significant role in homes.

A kitchen offers your family the opportunity to socialize and bond over meals, thus forming lasting memories and ties. In addition to being functional, kitchens must be welcoming and aesthetically appealing. This is why kitchen remodeling is the most common home remodeling project. Records indicate that every year there are over 10 million kitchens that are remodeled.

Kitchen remodeling can add value and functionality, but the process can, at times, be daunting without proper planning. However, having your granite counters installed or even redoing the whole kitchen does not have to be stressful. Here are some things you should consider to ensure the entire process goes without a hitch.

Have the Kitchen Island Designed to Suit The Space

Kitchen islands are a must-have in any modern kitchen. Whether your kitchen is big or small, there's a suitable island for it. It can be a big island with enough seating to replace the dinner table or kitchen island carts. Kitchen islands offer the following benefits.

  • Additional storage space.
  • Extra outlets for appliances.
  • An additional work station.
  • Casual sitting space for family.

A kitchen island will inadvertently become the focal point of your kitchen. Therefore, you should use it to highlight the overall design style of your kitchen. As such, the countertop should be eye-catching and alluring. For this, granite and marble countertops are perfect.

Marble is a beautiful stone that can bring out the elegance and give your kitchen a timeless ambiance. Though the cost may vary depending on various aspects, marble is less expensive than quartz or granite.

If you want to give your kitchen design an exotic touch and give it a luxurious look, then granite is the best option. In addition to the aesthetic value, granite is more durable than other countertop materials and is dirt and bacteria resistant.

The Kitchen Work Triangle

A vital feature of the functionality of a kitchen is the work triangle. The work triangle is based on the premise that a person preparing a meal has three significant points of contact. These are the stove, sink, and refrigerator.

As such, the layout of your kitchen should allow the person who is preparing meals easy access to all these points. To ensure there are few interruptions, any kitchen seating should be strategically placed away from the work area.

By making all the components of the kitchen triangle easy to access and eliminating potential obstacles, your layout will be optimized for efficiency.


Lighting plays a key role in making kitchens functional. In the least, you will need ambient lighting for performing general functions and task lighting for meal preparation and cooking. For task lighting, go for lights over the stove, countertops, and any part of your work station.

Be Strategic with Appliances

Many electrical appliances are used in kitchens. Some like the refrigerator and oven need to be plugged in at all times. Before kitchen remodeling begins, ensure that the design has factored in where each appliance will be positioned. This will help your contractor install them without leaving exposed wires.

Though microwaves are an essential kitchen appliance, they take up a lot of valuable counter space. Mounting your microwave on top of the stove is an excellent way of increasing counter space. Alternatively, you can have a custom shelf built above your kitchen island to place your microwave.


The primary goal of remodeling your kitchen should be more functional. First, you must work out a layout that will be convenient for the cook and also your family. From this point, you can now focus on the intricate details of the design that will give your kitchen its unique visual appeal and ambiance.

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