4 Kitchen Renovations to Boost Return on Investment

The kitchen is usually the focus of most homebuyers. It has become more than just a place for preparing food. Today, it is also a place for socializing with family or getting work done. It is a space that needs all the attention and investment you can afford during a renovation. But before you remodel your kitchen, it is essential to evaluate the return on investment. Here are some top updates to boost your home’s ROI.

1. Install a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a trendy option that is becoming popular with many homeowners. As more people shift to working from home, it is essential to create space for entertainment. There are many options for the finish, from marble to quartz countertops.

The kitchen island is a perfect merge between aesthetics and functionality. It is ideal for adding extra space for storage alongside your existing cabinetry. It can also serve as a place for snacking, working, or socializing. You can have additional seating for the whole family.

2. Update Your Backsplash and Countertops

To really make an impact, you need to consider updating your kitchen’s backsplash. The backsplash can brighten the interior and is one way to ensure the colors coordinate. It is usually cost-effective and does not require a lot of investment in either labor or materials. You can also update your kitchen lighting when upgrading your backsplash. This will help you bring out the beauty of the room, especially at night.

You can also spruce up your kitchen by updating it with a granite or quartz countertop. Granite is a popular timeless option built to last, while quartz is more cost-effective and durable. Unfortunately, marble is porous and soft, and therefore, it requires treatment to make it suitable for a busy home.

The goal is to find an inexpensive, durable option that has a high ROI. While granite is hard, it also requires sealing due to its porous surface. When you consider all the factors, quartz countertops have a higher return on investment.

3. Repaint or Refinish the Cabinets

Installing cabinets is one of the most expensive kitchen remodeling projects. It requires specialized labor, and quality materials are costly. However, your cabinetry will need an update to complement the design of other fixtures and appliances.

You may choose to repaint the cabinets to complement the colors of the new backsplash or quartz countertop. If the paint on the cabinetry deteriorates, refacing yields a better return on investment. It could also include changing the hardware as opposed to only updating the color.

4. Rethink kitchen Layout and Aesthetics

Your kitchen needs to have a layout that facilitates movement without obstructions. That means rethinking the placement of your appliances and fixtures. The doors of your cabinetry or appliances should not block the path when open.

Even as you update your quartz countertops, consider buying appliances that complement the aesthetics of your kitchen. Matching colors can make the design of the kitchen look uniform and is trendy for modern interiors. Homebuyers will appreciate an intelligent layout that is classy and functional.

According to statistics, 10 million kitchens are remodeled annually. That underscores the value of the kitchen to homeowners. Whether you want to reface your cabinetry or install a quartz countertop, it is always wise to consider the return on investment. For more information on how you can spruce up your kitchen to maximize ROI, contact Supreme Stone today.

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