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6 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

6 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

If you are planning to do a kitchen remodeling project, you are not alone. According to Cision, about a tenth of homeowners have performed a kitchen or bath remodel in the past 12 months. However, there are things that you must know before you start kitchen remodeling. Here are six questions you must ask.

How Do You Currently Use Your Kitchen, and What Functionality Changes Do You Want to Make?

The kitchen serves many different purposes in different homes. For instance, some people use it as a gathering place for their family. Therefore, how you answer this question can give you direction regarding where to open things up. So, pay attention to your daily kitchen routine and list problem areas you might need to address.

What Kind of Budget Are You Working With?

Several factors affect how much a kitchen remodeling may cost. Most of these factors are home-dependent. This means it might be impossible for a contractor to give you estimates based on square footage alone. In addition, your budget will be affected by things like additions and structural changes that you might want to make. So, it’s best to sit with your contractor first and explain what you want.

Is There a Need for Building Permits?

If there is some building involved in the kitchen remodel, you must check to see if any special permits are needed. Fortunately, if you work with a design-build contractor, they will likely have an architect on their team who will cater to such things.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your New Proposed Layout?

You need to think about how your kitchen will look after the remodel. So, you might want to first look at some home d├ęcor magazines to get an idea of what kind of layout would work best for your needs. You can then show the contractors what you are interested in, and they can work out the feasibility and costs for you.

Is Your Kitchen Remodeling Idea Functional?

Kitchen remodeling is about more than just the design. You must also ensure that the design is something that will allow you to use your kitchen efficiently. Some ideas are beautiful, but you may end up with a kitchen with a design that works against you.

How to Choose the Right Contractor?

You need to be very careful when choosing a contractor. A kitchen remodeling project is a huge investment, so the work must never be taken lightly. Go through online referrals and try to get word-of-mouth referrals. Also, don’t be too quick to fall for a cheap estimate. You must be more concerned about the quality of work than the price.

These are some of the questions that you must ask before going ahead with the kitchen remodeling. It is important to take your time and not make rushed decisions. Also, look at several ideas and contractors before you make a final choice.

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