6 Tips for a Successful Kitchen Renovation Project

If you have been planning a kitchen remodeling project, you can get a lot of inspiration from the recent trends. But the fact that there are many options also means there is a high potential for making costly mistakes.

Here are some of the best design tips for a successful kitchen renovation project.

1. Utilize Unity in Design

When remodeling your kitchen, think of function first. How are you going to use the space? The interior design may be superb, but renovations could make it harder to carry out chores.

By thinking of function, you can better incorporate essential aspects of the design like lighting and flow. You want the room to be appealing but also airy and spacious.

2. Think of Appliances as Part of the Design

The fridge, the range, and the oven will inevitably be part of your kitchen’s interior design. When planning a renovation project, consider the influence of appliances on the aesthetics of the room.

You can find matching sets of appliances from the same brand. It should make it easier to incorporate them into your new kitchen design.

3. Use Different Materials for Countertops

It is not necessary to use one type of material for countertops and backsplashes. You can mix them up to optimize both function and aesthetics.

For example, you may opt for quartz for busy working surfaces in your kitchen. You could choose marble countertops for counters where the stone will not be exposed to stains. Marble may be more suitable for the kitchen island rather than the sink. You can also customize either of the two surfaces (marble or quartz) to ensure your kitchen matches your vision.

4. Consider Maintenance Demands

You will want to keep your kitchen in immaculate condition. Some materials require a lot more work in terms of upkeep. Marble countertops are exquisite, but you’ll have to seal it regularly as it is porous.

Quartz is among the most durable stones and does not require sealing like marble. It is also resistant to stain and scratches. Other low-maintenance options include recycled glass, soapstone, and lava stone.

5. Maintain Plumbing

Any extensive kitchen remodeling project is likely to affect the plumbing. But it is best to avoid touching it during minor renovations to prevent extensive repairs afterward. You should make a point of consulting a certified plumber before making any adjustments that may impact your plumbing.

However, you can change components such as faucets to match your new design or theme.

6. Consider Resale Value

If you are following trends to get renovation ideas, it is wise to consider the resale value. Trendy options can be splendid, but they can lose their value fast.

A safer option would be to go for timeless materials like granite and quartz for your countertops. For your flooring, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl are the best for the resale value you can find in kitchen design stores. The idea is to add a contemporary style to the interior and still maintain its appeal for years to come.

There are many design ideas you can try in your kitchen. But you need to work on the functionality of the space before you focus on aesthetics. Also, make a point of hiring professionals for any extensive remodeling project you undertake. If you are looking for a custom fabricator of natural stone and quartz surfaces, contact Supreme Stone today, and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

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