7 Things to Know About Marble Countertops

Marble is an elegant and sophisticated stone that has been used for many centuries. While it's a popular choice, the decision to purchase marble countertops should not be made lightly. You should know several things before choosing this type of stone for your home's kitchen or bathroom. Read below to find out more.

1. Marble is Available in Many Different Colors

Marble comes in several different colors. White and beige marble countertops are the most popular choice, but there are many other options for homeowners who want something a little more unique than these two choices. Different types and shades of green marble are also very popular, as well as rose and cream marble.

2. They Are Very Durable

Marble is one of the most durable stones used for countertops. The material is very strong, and it doesn't scratch easily. However, if there are flaws in the marble when it's cut, these scratches could become more pronounced over time. Be sure to choose high-quality marble that has been ethically mined for the highest quality results.

3. They Require Less Maintenance Than Other Countertops

Marble countertops are not porous like some other natural stones, which means it's easier to maintain them daily. You won't need to seal or reseal your new counters every few years. You should still seal the counter after installation, but you only need to polish it every few months for a streak-free shine.

4. They Are Suitable for Kitchens and Bathrooms

While many homeowners choose marble countertops only for the kitchen, these counters can also be used in bathrooms. Marble is a very durable material, so it's not as susceptible to damage from moisture as other types of natural stone or tile.

5. They Are a Good Investment

Marble might be a bit pricey, but it's a good investment for homeowners who want a countertop that will last. A marble countertop on an island or the backsplash of a kitchen can last more than ten years, with very little maintenance required throughout this period.

6. They Can Be Refinished If Needed

It's possible to refinish marble countertops when required. This is a more affordable option than replacing the countertops, and it will keep them looking new. You can also choose to change the color of your marble countertops by refinishing them in a different shade or with a colored sealer.

7. Professionals Can Easily Install Them

Marble is very heavy, which means that installing your marble counters would be difficult and dangerous. Instead, seek out professional installers who are certified for this type of work. Professionals also have the tools needed to cut them to fit any space.

According to a survey by Zillow, kitchen styles are important to more than 58% of home buyers. So, if you're looking to sell your home, marble countertops are a great investment because it's not only beautiful but something that adds value to your home. Call us today, and we can help you choose and install these gorgeous and timeless countertops.

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