Choosing the Perfect Countertops for Your Lifestyle

Kitchen remodeling is an extremely popular activity. About 10 million kitchens are remodeled every year. Countertops and cabinetry are the top two features in a kitchen that are included in a kitchen remodel. Choosing the right countertops is vital to the success of your remodel.

There is a wide range of materials to choose from when it comes to countertops. All of them are equally aesthetically appealing and highly functional. How do you know if granite countertops or quartz or marble or another material are right for your project? First, you start with the kitchen design store that offers a large variety of options. Next, you consider the following to make your decision.

Know the Difference

To ensure that you choose the right countertop material for your lifestyle, you need to do a little research. Some materials are higher maintenance than others. For example, granite needs to be resealed occasionally while quartz does not. Marble is lovely but not as durable as quartz.

Choosing the right countertops is a personal choice that really depends on what you want to get out of your countertops. Other key differences include:

  • Color variations. Finding the perfect color match for your vision can limit which countertops materials you can choose from.
  • Durability. Some stone is more durable than others. Some materials are more heat resistant less porous and less inclined to staining. If you plan on putting your countertops to the test, durability may be important.
  • Budget is also a consideration. Some materials are more expensive than others. Staying within your budget may mean opting for one material over another.

The right kitchen design stores can help you to choose the right countertops for your project that check off your list nicely.

Getting the ROI You Expect

Most people go with their gut when they are choosing kitchen countertops. They choose the countertops that appeal to their aesthetic needs, which is fine, but you should consider the countertops that are going to add resale value to your home as well.

The right countertops will tick all the boxes on your wants list and give you the ROI that you need. Work with the kitchen design store that provides the best Bellingham countertops for all lifestyles and you will get results that you simply love, and a nice ROI while you are at it.

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