Easy to Follow Tips for Caring For Your Quartz Countertop

A quartz countertop is a great addition to any home. Quartz is an extremely durable surface that is resistant to chemicals, wear, heat, and more. Quartz is an extremely popular material for kitchen and bathroom countertops not only because it is so durable but because it is also so versatile.

A quartz countertop creates a great workspace that can easily stand the test of time while delivering a beautiful aesthetic. Like all materials, you need to take care of your quartz countertop. These easy-to-follow tips will ensure that your new quartz countertop stays looking great for years to come.

Say No to Harsh Cleaners

Quartz is definitely a strong material, but some of the chemicals in household cleaners can damage the finish, mar the countertop, and negatively affect the bond. It is best to use a simple mix of warm water and regular dishwashing detergent to clean your countertops.

You can also purchase formulas that are designed specifically for cleaning quartz countertops. Just be sure to avoid harsh chemical cleaners.

No Abrasives

Avoid using abrasive cleaners, sponges, and other cleaning tools that can leave micro-scratches behind. Stuck-on messes can usually be cleaned up with hot water and a soapy rag. Leaving the hot rag on the spot for a few minutes will loosen any sticky mess.

While immediate problems will not be obvious if you use abrasive materials on your quartz countertop, it can cause problems over time. Use a soft rag or sponge instead.

Do not Worry About Sealing

Some types of stone countertops do need to be sealed over the lifetime of the countertop. However, quartz countertops do not require sealing. Quartz is a non-porous stone, making it highly stain-resistant and impervious to much of what happens in the kitchen or the bath.

Stay Ahead of Potential Problems

Quartz is resilient, but you should take care to clean spills up quickly. Equally important is to get in the habit of using trivets under hot pots and pans. While quartz can easily tolerate heat up to 300 degrees, heat can cause color fading. Additionally, taking a hot pan or pot and putting it on a cold countertop can encourage cracking.

Protect Your Countertops

Makeup in the bathroom or a wayward permanent marker in the kitchen left unattended can mean trouble for your new Bellingham quartz countertop. Take steps to prevent stains by protecting your countertops anytime damaging materials are being used.

A quartz countertop can last a lifetime with a little bit of maintenance and care. Learn more about stone counter options and how they can fit your lifestyle and improve your home.

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