Factors to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Marble Countertops

Choosing a perfect countertop for your kitchen can get a little challenging because there are many things that you'll need to consider.

Kitchen countertops are made from different materials, and they have varying finishes and veining patterns. The countertops create the focal point of your kitchen, and when choosing them, you've got to consider your kitchen design, aesthetics, and theme.

There is more to choosing a perfect countertop. Here are insights on how to get an ideal marble countertop for your kitchen island or counters.

The Type of Finish

There are many technologies and ways to finish stone or marble surfaces.

You can get your marble brushed, honed, or polished to get your desired finish.

A honed marble countertop has a finish that has a matte look, while the polished kind can give you a glossy finish.

If you're worried about acid etching, then a honed finish may be the best choice.

Etching can dull a polished marble surface, but with a honed finish, the etching will dull an already dull marble countertop surface.

The Veining of the Marble

Different quarries have stones with varying veining patterns.

The veining pattern on some marble countertops may vary depending on the type of stone and quarry.

You may also cut different types of marble blocks in many different ways to achieve distinct veining patterns that will give your marble countertop some unique veining.

You can get marble countertops with an open flowered pattern by making a Fleuri cut or cross-cut. These kinds of cuts achieve a design that looks reasonably random.

You may also use Striato slices or vein cuts to slice your marble stone in a way that delivers a striped and linear appearance.

Types of Marble

Most people looking for marble often think of the creamy-white and polished marble stone. However, there are other varieties of marble.

You can get different varieties of marble, which are black, red, gold, green, or taupe.

All these types of marble are ideal for kitchen countertops, but the creamy white marble is a better choice because it doesn't get serious acid etching marks.

The etching on such kinds of marble is less noticeable when compared to other types of marble, such as green, taupe, or red marble.

Marble Slabs Selection

Stone slabs have slight differences, but you have to choose pieces that can fit and get used on your countertop area.

Selecting and installing marble countertops is an art that needs you to understand the location of the veining so that you can position your slabs in an artful manner.

It's also essential to consider how your different marble pieces will come together.

Large marble pieces with no seams are often the best, but if your marble has some seams, it's ideal to book-match your marble to get your adjacent marble pieces to have a mirrored appearance.

Countertop Edge Considerations

Marble countertops have different edge profiles, which one can choose from when buying your countertop slabs.

Dull eased edges that take the sharpness off the slab's straight corners are often ideal.

The curvature on the corners of these marble slabs makes it hard for your brittle pieces to chip.

Marble countertops are durable, heat-resistant, water-resistant, and they can grace your countertop and island surfaces with great beauty. The surface of marble countertops doesn't fade or get stained easily.

If its surface fades, you can still sand it down and polish it. Marble countertops patina over time, but they can never lose their appeal because it's possible to sand and clean them.

An estimated 58% of people that buy new homes believe that the kitchen style is essential. One of the many things that define your kitchen style is the marble countertops, and you have to make all these cited considerations when choosing marble for your kitchen remodeling.

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