Set the Feel and Tone of a Space with Natural Stone Countertops

Up to 10% of homeowners chose to remodel a bathroom or their kitchen within the last year. Have you been considering remodeling? One of the most popular places to start a remodeling project is in the kitchen. But where should you start? Maybe you need a new sink, stove, or you just want to fully update your kitchen. The best place to start is with the countertops. The countertop is where all of the action happens in a kitchen whether you are cooking or not. It is the one space that is viewed more than the rest of your kitchen since it is the essential component that creates the foundation for any kitchen. The countertop is responsible for setting the feel and tone of the entire space.

Focus on Countertop Trends for Remodeling Projects

There is more to a trend than just understanding what is popular at the moment. What matters, are the designs, finishes, and materials used to put together an attractive kitchen. Trends give you great ideas concerning how you want to redesign countertops. Watch how trends focus concerning material choices and color. Currently, quartz countertops still reign supreme when it comes to kitchen remodels. You just need to use the services of a leading custom fabricator of quartz and natural stone surfaces to get the ideal look you desire.

Knowledge within the Stone Industry Really Counts

It’s one thing to decide you want a natural stone countertop, it’s another to actually choose the stone and understand all of the elements that go into getting the countertops you want. Use a custom fabricator with many years of experience and craftsmanship within the industry. They will ensure you get top-quality products whether you choose granite countertops, marble countertops, or quartz countertops. You won’t regret using one of nature’s most durable and exquisite elements that is sure to exceed your expectations.

What’s Trending When It Comes to Countertops?

It’s hard to beat the elegance of natural stones like quartz, marble, and granite. Those surfaces are being used in homes that want the wow-factor whether you want to use them for countertops, Jacuzzis, fireplaces, and more. Expect to see more natural stone factors in new and remodeled homes. Nothing beats a non-porous, durable material that comes in a range of patterns and colors. Kitchens across America are being revolutionized with natural stone countertops that look exquisite.

Polished or Honed, Which Do You Prefer?

Design movements tend to be fluid and ever-changing. Now the movement for more tactile and textured surfaces is entering the realm of countertops. Honed surfaces are becoming more popular. They can be applied to quartz, granite, and marble countertops too. However, a polished countertop is the most popular. What is the distinct difference between the two?

Consider a honed finish to be more like a matte finish without any shine or just a little shine. The look varies depending on the type of stone. Use a honed finish for marble since it doesn’t shine much and easily conceals scratch marks and flaws easily. A polished finish speaks for itself with a grand shine that is attractive in any home. Speak with a custom fabricator of natural stone to learn more about which surface type would look better in your home.

Natural Patterns and Textures Draw the Eye

Natural patterns and textures have a firm foothold in modern interior décor and design. More designers have started incorporating stone and wood into residential spaces so they offer an organic, calming vibe conducive to relaxation. Natural stone provides an interesting visual that draws attention to bold veining, striking patterns, as well as intriguing textures. There are also plenty of color variations in which to choose in regards to veins of marble including rose, green, and blue tones. No matter where you want new countertops in your home, natural stone is the best choice. There are many varieties in which to choose. Speak with a custom fabricator to learn which materials, sizes, styles, and finishes of natural stone look best in your home.

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