Signs You Need To Replace Your Countertops

Eventually, everything in your house is going to need a replacement. Your kitchen countertops are no exception. According to PR Newswire, each year, over 10 million kitchens are remodeled. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the signs when your countertops must be replaced. These signs, and determining your family's needs and budget, can indicate that it is time to replace your countertops.

Signs of Age and Wear

It is a good idea to assess your countertops every five years to determine signs of wear and damage. If you can catch early signs of damage, you may be able to repair any of the scratches and damage. All countertops, including marble countertops, need routine maintenance. You should pay attention to stains, cracking, erosion, burns, ragged edges, and discoloration.

Need More Space

As times change, so do your family and their needs. Families grow, and suddenly your kitchen may seem too small. If you feel like your kitchen is too small, you may need to expand and consider marble countertops as an addition. You may entertain a lot of people in your home; your lifestyle may indicate your kitchen needs an upgrade.

Outdated Look

Even when you take the best care of your marble countertops, they could lose their look or appeal. Styles and trends change, as do your own personal interests. Something that may have appealed to you when you installed the countertops may no longer be appealing. If you want a modern house, you have to keep your countertops and kitchen up to date; otherwise, they can quickly become outdated.

Structural or Smoke Damage

Unfortunately, there are a high amount of fires in the kitchen, usually as a result of kitchen equipment. While small fires can be controlled quickly, but they can cause intense smoke and heat. This may cause structural or smoke damage to marble countertops. It often means that your marble countertops must be replaced after there is a fire in your kitchen.

When the signs become apparent to you, it is time to consider a replacement of your kitchen cabinets. It may be because you are tired of your existing countertops or because they are worn and damaged. Regardless of the reason, when you see signs that you are ready for a countertop replacement, you should seek professional help.

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