Trends for Kitchen Countertops in 2022

Everyone knows that countertops can make or break a kitchen design. When your counters clash with the aesthetic you are going for in your home, they can be frustrating to look at. With spring cleaning at its peak, why not jump into a bit of kitchen remodeling as well? In this blog post, we'll take a look at the biggest trends in custom countertops this year. Let's get started!

Trending Materials

Without a doubt, these past few years have brought a surge of popularity to quartz countertops. With quartz giving a minimalistic and elegant look, we can predict that 2022 will bring even more homeowners under the quartz spell. Quartz is often the hardest material used in a home, and can be swirled with different pigments and metallic finishes to bring a gorgeous yet subtle pattern to your countertops.

Completely wooden countertops are also growing in popularity as of this year. People long for that traditional wooden look that pairs well with any cabin or beachfront home. Though wooden countertops can require more maintenance than others, they also come in several colors and can match any kitchen.

Trending Styles

Waterfall countertops are a trend that will not be going out of style any time soon. Having a countertop stretch to the floor gives a modern and classy look to your kitchen island. Additionally, extremely thick-looking marble countertops are coming back as well. These heavy pieces bring a vintage and rustic feel to your kitchen, with their edges being more intricate than the usual slab.

Trending Colors

When it comes to colors, every kitchen is built differently. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to picking out your new countertop color, but a few trends have arisen out of these past few years. People are leaning more towards duo-tone kitchens, mainly white and black or white and gray pairings. This minimalistic palette helps decor and appliances match with ease, and also helps make cleaning and finishing simpler.

We are also seeing an uptick in homeowners choosing different styles for their kitchen island and regular countertops, instead of the usual matching designs. Investing in two colors takes more careful planning, but can ultimately make your kitchen feel larger and more modern.

Whether you follow the trends or disregard them completely, you should be confident that your countertop installation will be done right. If you are thinking of making your kitchen one in the ten million being remodeled this year, give us a call today!

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