What Are The Benefits of Granite Countertops?

It is no secret that granite countertops are some of the most popular countertops on the market. Whether you have granite countertops in Bellingham or granite countertops in Boston, those countertops really upgrade your kitchen and your lifestyle.

What is so beloved about granite? Why are granite countertops a must-have for kitchen remodeling? Learn more about the many benefits that these types of countertops have to offer and you will understand what the big draw to granite countertops is.

The Look

Granite countertops look “rich.” They add a touch of luxury to any home, and yet they are affordable. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns that add a personalized touch to space. No two slabs are the same which means your kitchen countertops will be unique from everyone’s kitchen.

Granite is a natural material that has its own natural beauty. Each slab is different. You can choose from a variety of colors, specks, and swirls that suit your personal design taste to a tee.

It is Really Tough

These stone countertops can really stand up to wear and tear and continue to look great. They have a high heat point, are scratch-resistant, chip-resistant, and exceptionally durable. They are meant to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, and never lose their great aesthetic.

Granite countertops are a one-and-done deal. You have them installed one time and your kitchen is upgraded forever.

Money Talks

There is a reason that about one out of ten kitchens in the US is remodeled every year including adding new countertops. According to the experts, you can add 20% resale value to your home by improving your kitchen.

You get a nice ROI when you invest in granite countertops. Of course, you cannot really put a number to how much new countertops can improve your lifestyle. Over 73% of people that have remodeled their kitchen report that they eat healthier since the remodel.

Easy to Maintain

Homeowners love granite countertops because they are so easy to keep clean and maintain. A soft rag and some warm sudsy water do the trick. There are a lot of reasons why homeowners flock to the kitchen design store that offers granite countertop options. Connect with the kitchen design stores that specialize in great granite options to learn more.

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