What Kitchen Remodel Provides the Biggest Return on Investment

If you are looking to add some more value to your home, consider remodeling your kitchen. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, 58% of buyers who purchased in the last 12 months said having their preferred style of kitchen was extremely or very important to their home-buying decision. Even a minor kitchen remodel, which means working with the existing layout and foundation, proves to have a significant impact on the value of your home. In fact, a minor kitchen remodel has an ROI of 81%. Here are some of the aspects of a minor kitchen remodel to consider.

Refinish Your Cabinets

Refinishing or painting your cabinets can go a long way toward giving your kitchen a fresh, new look and it can be far less expensive than replacing the cabinets. Refinishing these hardy cabinets, instead of replacing them, can both conserve wood and money. You could do this project yourself but be prepared for the prep work necessary for the cabinets to look good.

Check Out Your Countertops

Damaged countertops should be replaced because it can make the whole kitchen not look as good. If you are going to install new countertops, use a fabricator to ensure the best possible installation. Fabrication countertops involve making a final inspection for stone flaws, including blemishes, fissures, seams, and scratches. This process of fabrication countertops helps customize the natural stone to create countertops that fit your specific needs.

Replace the Faucet

One of the most cost-effective fixes that many people don't think of is simply purchasing a new kitchen faucet. Old or messy kitchen faucets can create a negative impact on the whole dynamic of the kitchen. If you do not have much knowledge of faucets, consider hiring a plumber for the fast and correct replacement.

Renovating your kitchen can be a simple project if you do your research. However, a small remodel can do wonders for your home's resale value. Contact us today to discuss your kitchen remodel needs and fabrication countertops.

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