Why You Should Choose Marble for Your Kitchen Countertop

Did you know that 34% of Americans remodeled their old kitchens in 2019 for one reason or another? When you're looking to make changes in your kitchen, marble is one material that you should always have in mind. It is the most sought-after countertop material and comes with a host of benefits.

Let's delve deeper into the reasons why you should consider marble when remodeling your kitchen.

1. Affordability

Since marble has a beautiful, elegant, and luxurious appearance, you might assume it's high-end and unaffordable. The fact is that this particular countertop is cheaper than quartz, granite, and several other natural stones. Even though the costs vary with the thickness and type of marble countertop you choose, you'll still spend less in the end than any other countertop option.

2. Heat Resistance

Marble possesses heat-resistant properties, unlike many other countertop materials. You can confidently place a hot pot or pan on the marble surface without worrying that your kitchen countertop will melt or burn.

However, there's a likelihood of the stone cracking when regularly exposed to a lot of heat. You may also damage the finishing on your marble countertop in the process. Therefore, it is recommended that you always use trivets and hot pads when placing hot pans and pots on your kitchen countertop.

3. Durability

Although marble needs regular maintenance compared to a granite countertop, it is an extremely durable material. It doesn't break or get scratched easily. It can also stay for a very long time, moreso than other manmade and natural stone countertops. You shouldn't be surprised if you find a marble structure built decades ago still standing strong and looking great.

Marble's durability isn't compromised even with fancy finishes and edging styles. Nevertheless, you should take good care of your marble countertop to protect its finish.

4. A Timeless Look

Most people go for marble when they want a luxurious look for their homes. When you choose this material, your kitchen will have a stylish, timeless appearance that is difficult to achieve with other countertop materials.

Marble comes in a variety of colors and different design options as well. You can be sure your marble countertop won't go out of style or look outdated for an extended period after installing it.

5. Long-lasting

If you opt for marble, you won't think of replacing your countertop any time soon. This material is known for withstanding the test of time and was used during the Roman and Greece's initial civilizations. The reason marble lasts for a long time is that it is soft at first but becomes dense and very hard as it ages.

You should note that, with time, marble tends to form patina. This is a thin brown or green layer produced by oxidation. Interestingly, some people adore this layer while others loathe it. If you're among those that dislike patina, you can get rid of it by simply cleaning your kitchen countertop.

Final Thoughts

These great benefits make marble stand out from the pack as far as kitchen remodeling is concerned. Marble is cheaper than other countertop materials, durable, and has heat resistant properties. It also has a beautiful appearance and can last for a very long time.

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